8 Photos of Happiness Tag

Thank you to Chasing Dog Tags for nominating us for Ariels Little Corner of the Internet’s 8 Photos of Happiness Tag! As Rae joins our life for good, these will be completely filled with photos of her. But before she’s here we’d like to share a few things about ourselves, here are some things that represent happiness for us!


This face represents pure happiness for us! With just four days left in the count down we are absolutely beside ourselves in anticipation. Oh and we think she’s happy too, even though she’s sporting a mean mug.


#CUSENATION! This has to be the best part about winter for us… ok maybe it’s the ONLY good thing about a Syracuse winter. However, there’s nothing better than cheering on our boys whether it be at the games or at a local bar with other crazy fans like us! We bleed orange all day, err day.


Bailey! Check out our SPOTlight post on this hunky man for all the reasons why he makes us so happy. And trust us, there’s a LOT!


These cuties! We have two adorable nephews and one beautiful niece that are just amazing! Britt always says she didn’t know that kind of love existed before her first nephew was born! I mean who can resist those faces?

Sidenote: We also LOVE Moscow Mules.

Sidenote: We also LOVE Moscow Mules.

We suffer from a painful condition called travel itch. Seriously. Weekend trips like our last mini trip to Rochester, week long trips, whatever. If it means seeing somewhere new, we are there. Our most recent trip was to Boston for Britt’s birthday. We aren’t sure if we fell in love with the city or the heavenly lobster rolls. If you know us at all from this blog though, your money should be on the lobsta.


Lennon is Maddie from the show, the older one, and Maisy is Daphne.

We are kind of obsessed with the show Nashville so meeting these two was PURE happiness! We love everything about the show from the country music, to Nashville the city, to Deacon and Rayna, to Scarlett and Gunnar and our ultimate favs Lennon and Maisy! We couldn’t be any happier to meet them. If you haven’t heard them sing check out their boom clap video here. Truly amazing singers and great people!

IMG_6992 (1)

This picture was taken from right by Britt’s hometown at a place literally called Pumpkinville.

Living in Upstate New York has one MAJOR perk. And that is the season of Fall. From corn mazes, to sweater weather and everything pumpkin, we’d argue that Fall is the best time of the year. We even have our own Fall Family Fun Day, coming in on the sixth annual, where we have a “Chopped style” cook-off. The first year was chili. Cara won, just a side note… This feels like an appropriate time to say BOOM! This event is always so fun and we get to share it with family.

IMG_2261 (1)

Sidenote: Britt did Cara’s hair. 🙂

This picture of us from Brandon and Stephany’s wedding just screams happiness. We love weddings and even more we love spending time with our families. We can’t wait for little Rae to be another part of ours!

And the nominees are…

We decided to nominate these amazing four bloggers we have gotten to pleasure to read up on and love their posts!

Mollie the Border Collie

Sand Spring Chesapeakes

It’s Chewy Time 

Gluten Free Jess

Pints of Life

Basic Brook

Sort and Scrub

If you decide to participate, just follow the steps below.
1. Post your 8 photos of happiness.
2. Thank your nominator and provide a link to their blog.
3. Link to the creator of this event, Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet.
4. Nominate some of your favorite bloggers to participate.

What is pure happiness to you? What photos define that happiness for you?


10 thoughts on “8 Photos of Happiness Tag

  1. Elaine says:

    I loved your pictures and learning more about you guys! You both must be so excited with just four days until your sweet pup comes home with you! Rae is beautiful and no doubt she’ll bring lots of love and joy into your lives. Thanks for sharing your 8 Photos of Happiness and we all look forward to seeing many more fun pics of Rae soon!


  2. Christina says:

    What great pics! We moved to the Seattle area from the Philadelphia area, and Fall is definitely one thing we miss. We just don’t get to see the colors that we used to love seeing. Congrats on your soon-to-be new family member – what a cutie!


    • raebyday says:

      Oh definitely! How are you liking Philly? We have a friend there and just visited in April. We loved the Terminal market downtown. Amazing fresh cut turkey sandwiches! We’re so excited about Rae, just three more days until we bring her home!


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